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Sensor product upgrade

shenzhen dokai technology co., ltd. Product upgrade
Thank the social from all walks of life colleague to my company's support vigorously, the customer to product should be used in different environmental requirements.
My company will be comprehensive upgrade sensor series (inductive proximity sensors, inductive proximity switch, infrared photoelectric sensors, infrared photoelectric switch) product connecting line (lead), have excellent chemical stability, ageing resistance and long service life. Soft and easy to install. Widely adapted to the bad bad land
New connection wire has good heat stability, can in high temperature, low temperature, corrosive to maintain good performance and softness,
More suitable for metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, and other industries have heat-resistant special requirements such as mobile applications.
1. The maximum operating temperature: 180 ℃
2. The minimum environmental temperature: fixed laying - 60 ℃, not fixed laying - 20 ℃
3. Cable allows bending radius: unarmored cable minimum for 8 times of cable diameter.
4. Cable 20 ℃ when insulation resistance not less than 100 m Ω/KM.

Technology keywords: high and low temperature resistance and resistance