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  • 世界品质,深圳市多凯科技有限公司

    China is one of the most attractive strong economic entities in the world。
    economic develops very fast and full of development potential in the future。
    shenzhen dokai technology co., ltd,is located at the pearl river delta east coast, China's earliest foreign open city.
    shenzhen is the national economic center city, coastal electronic world of city of production base.

    dokai it is one of the strongest enterprises in the field of sensor industry of china,
    integrating research and development,design,production,sale and service as a whole
    we produce the first-class product..
    the products we provided include:proximity sensor,photoelectric sensor.

    we will provide strong support to you in different fields of sensor industry.
    shenzhen dokai technology co., ltd
    dokai be the first brand in sensor field.
    As your cooperation partner,we would render our service to your untiring satisfaction no matter what kind of products you needed and applied.

    we have first-class production equipment and detecting instrument,we deeply konw that the reliability of our product,
    is very important for your application and the economic benefit it brought。
    therefore,we strictly manage the whole production flow according,according to ISO9001 system,
    ISO14000 system during the production,we abide by the principle of meticulosity which is always adhered by the staff of dokai,we select intemational famous parts chip and components.

    combine advanced design idea and fine assembly technique,
    test and production line to design and manufacture fine products,
    when ensuring high quality, we ensure big market demand as well.

    in addition,strict detection control and scientific and high efficient management,
    make our products accurate,high quality and high efficient.we pay attention to each detail,professional,
    focus.we have over ten years experience in expanding the business in the fields of sensor.
     so we understand that the details are very important for us and clients

    our engineers,designers and researchers optimize the design manufacturing of products with their professional skills
    and experience,this is the overall quality system fulfilled by dokai,from product design,procurement of raw material,
    mass production,production process,transportation to client service,
    dokai fulfills the requirement required by quality system.

    the clients with the most rigorous requirement trust our product as well,we manufacture product according to your demand
    and requirement,we ensure reliability and make you receive maximum economic benefit.

    we are going to the world,nowadays,the world is full of opportunity and challenge,
    the global economy develops and changes very fast,
    dokai is the beneficiary and promoter of fast economic development of china

    therefore,we would participate into the global integration actively,
    so as to realize the development strategy that makes the enterprise up-to-date,
    makes the staff with better quality,and makes the product internationalized,develop to be the domestic sensor famous enterprise.

    during fast development in these several years,our cooperation partners spread all over china,based on high quality,
    we receive high praise from the clients at,we would continue providing the most thoughtful service maintaining the most reliable quality, make efforts to meet your requirements.